Lyrics From the "20 Gallon Disaster" CD
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Not So Big After All
He was the biggest man in the smallest the town
Hell he was the biggest man for miles around
Fingers as thick as your arms about 8 foot tall
No man could ever bring him down
never make him fall

OOH when she looked his way
Man he got nothin to say
Girls gonna make him crawl
guess he ain't so big after all

Veins sticking in his teeth make you look away
Killed a 1000 in the war at least that what they say
Took a job when he got back workin steel
No man could ever bring him down
never make him kneel

What it Takes
Standing at the point where the road divides
The sun in my eye lights a dream in my head
I feel the tremors where the worlds collide
Scares me to the bone wish I were dead

Situations are coming my way
and theres no way out
Solutions that I just can't find
and the air is filled with doubt
You know I've got to find those answers yeah
I've got to find my way
Thats what it takes just to make it today

Let me sit and rest for a little while
Got to catch my breath for a moment or two
I need time to adjust I need a brand new style
Change my way of life change my attitude

Thats what it takes just to make it today 2X

Second Place
I was forced to grow up to fast
Pushed to the edge of my past
Been knocked down tried to get back up
Cracked my head on the door of love
Cut my teeth on the silver lining
Show me yours and I'll show you mine and
Why don't you just leave me now
Come Back later I'll have it all figured out

Second Place don't seem so bad
Unless theres only Two places to be had
There always someone better it seems
Then you realize that they have no dreams
Slam the door right in my face
Make this whole Damn world a better place
I know I can live without you
I just don't know if I want to.....

Watchin Life through my bedroom window
Cracked glass makes it hard to see
That everyone who is waving a gun is
Actually waving back at me
Someday I'll look back n'say
I wish I'd done that
Push the pedal right to the floor
Doesn't really matter any more........

8 years Back
Sleep This One Off
And if I took the time you know I rarely do
If I could get it together enough for me and you
If I could settle down
you know things would be alright
Maybe I'll think of that when I'm on the town tonight

We could ecscape the weight
of what I'll screw up next
I've got another way I found it works the best
I think I'll sleep this one off
I think I'll sleep this one off
No matter what the hell the cost
I think I'll sleep this one off

Tommorows another day of hanging round ahead
Challenge of who to drink with
the living or the dead
I'm always waitin for that happy hour again
But it always seems to be closing time my friend

I've thought of ending it all
but I'd mess that up too
Then I thought a change of scenes
could ecscape the same old view
Like an open door and I'll turn another year
New time of old things and
its still the same old fears

Used To Be
Ain't it funny how the time moves so fast
Used to live for the future
Now I live for the past
Had my eyes wide open
but I was to blind to see
Thats the way things used to be

Way back when such a long time ago
I was searching for something but I
didn't know what I was searching for
That didn't matter cause I was
young and free
Thats the way things used to be

Yeah I keep on searching
trying to find the road
That'll take me back
To the days of old, Won't you take me back?

Now all I can do is, sit and drink
When I think about the old days
sure makes a man think
I'd sell my soul just to go back and see
To remember how, Things used to be
It's Done
So you think you've, Got it figured out
So you think you know, Just what it's all about
And you got the answer, To everything you need
Yeah you got a solution, To every trick you've seen
But you didn't see it, Wish I'd seen your eyes
When he said he's leaving, bet your surprised

What ya gonna do now, that he is gone
Yeah it ain't so easy, to just move on

You say you didn't need him, No good anyway
At least that what your pride, it has to say
Now every day's a battle, And every hours a fight
Just to keep from crying, another lonely night

No, it ain't so easy, to just move on
When he said he's leaving, thats when things went wrong

You got so many things, Weighing on your mind
You can't find the balance, You kept off time
Today's the same way, and tommorrow too
Sometimes it breaks you, Don't know what to do
And as your cryin, Tears come rollin down
Someone gonna save you, but theres no one around

Come with me, To a world I know
Spinning round and round, Watch the river flow
Spend some time with me, And your sure to see
Let your worries go, Yeah, let it be free

Gotta find the pulse, Gotta feel the beat
Gotta change your aim, Have to take a new street
Things'll start to change, and open doors for you
You get to leave your cage, and the sky turns blue
Things seem a different way, brighter than the past
You conjured the spell, its the one you cast

Minds took a new frame, Things are rolling along
Time to spread it around, your the one who's strong
Now you changed your angle, Changed the way you see
It's your time to help, time to set it free
Show this world around, The way things are done
Cause you know how it feels, Your not the only one

Can't Forget
I can't remember when the music was good
I can't remember when I understood
I can't remember the time or day
I can't remember last time I was laid
I can't remember why I wrote this song
I can't remember what the hell is going on
I can't remember last time I cried
I can't remember why people die

But I can't forget, all the shit thats going on
and I can't forget, all the stupid things I've done
and I can't forget, all the people I have wronged
I can't forget so I think I'll move on

I can't decide to turn right or left
I can't decide on God or Government
I can't decide if I'm moving or paralyzed
I can't decide if she's telling me truth or lies
I can't believe how much I drank last night
I don't remember her name or a fight
I can't decide if its her I love
I can't decide so I guess I'll move along

Jesus Saved
Midwest Born, Weather Worn
Trouble born of a boredom deep
Sunday beer, Disraeli gear
Two pack habit and a lack of sleep
Long cruise, Dickeys blues
Coriciden bottle and a soul serenade
preacher man had a plan
tell you about the promises he made

Jesus Saved/I'm always spending more
Two Lanes Paved/Gravel at my Front door
Judas Strain/pins you against the wall
Loose Change still buys last call

Whiskey Bottle, Open Throttle
Tip it back keep an eye on the road
History burned, never learned
Feel the burden of a heavy load
Friends lost, high cost
Drag the past up just to get ahead
Lookin back, crooked track
My old man found me this is what he said

What the hell's it gonna take, to drive me from here
Six pack and V8, should put me into the clear

Tom's Blues
Well I see her walking, Walking down the street
And I know she's looking, Yeah she's looking for me
Well here she comes again, Day after day
She won't let me be, I can't get away

I wonder what she's thinking, Behind those eyes
I wonder why she laughs, I wonder why she cries
Well here she comes again, Day after day
She won't let me be, I can't get away

Well is she into deep, Can she let this end
Why can't she just move on, Let the healing begin
Well here she comes, Day after day
She won't let me be, I can't get away.....